Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Same Building, Different Techniques

Both of these shots are of Trinity Church in Boston.  The first in infrared and the second in HDR.  Both shots done within a few minutes of each other, but with very different look and impact.  I think the infrared gives a timeless sense to the scene with just a hint of the current day by the context of the surrounding buildings.  The HDR version appears magical with the reflection of sky in the windows giving it a semi-transparent look.  The HDR is shot with a wide angle lens, so the buildings beside it appear to be curving inward.  Also note how the clouds and sky look different in the two shots.

Monday, February 4, 2008

There Will Be No Super Bowl Parade in Boston

Falling Out
Everything is bit topsy turvy here in Boston.  They are calling it the biggest upset in history-- or maybe they are just really upset.  I'm in town for CROI and thought I'd be photographing a Super Bowl celebration parade, but I guess not.  I'm glad I got these shots of skateboarders in Copley Square today before the depression set in.  They were literally doing back flips in anticipation.  Once the game started, the streets were deserted, the restaurants were empty.  I'm anticipating a lot of depressed people tomorrow.