Monday, March 31, 2008

Day 7: Hiking the Caldera

Forest PathCaldera de Taburiente National Park:
In the middle of the island of La Palma is a national park that is comprised of the caldera left over from a volcano from.  A caldera is a depression left when the volcano "collapses" on itself.  Much of Yellowstone is a caldera.  The area is now completely forested reflecting how long it's been since the volcano erupted (unlike the lower end of the island that has fresh lava exposed everywhere).  
The top picture, A Dandy[lion] View looks southeast into the valley near El Paso  The clouds move in from the east to the west with the trade winds.  This creates dramatic landscapes from up high on the mountain, looking into the valley to see the clouds creeping across.  As the day went on, this view was almost completely obscured.   This shot is HDR. 
The second photo, Forest Path, shows hikers on a path ahead of us.  This trail was labeled as "easy", but that was by European rather than American standards.  It took us 2 hours and wound down into the caldera, along a narrow ridge, and then up a steep cliff by switchbacks at the end when we were already tired.   This shot is infrared, by instead of being with my Olympus 2000 Zoom (see below), is with my Nikon D70.  I was lucky that it was fairly light, so was able to capture the scene with a fairly low shutter speed.   

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