Monday, June 16, 2008

Utah by Two Different IR Cameras

Both of these shots:  The top is Quail Creek Canyon and the bottom is "Orson Adams House" are from the Red Cliffs National Recreation Area, outside of a small town called Leeds, about a half hour north of St. George.  The cabin is from the original Mormon settlers of the area is on the road that leads up to the park.  Quail Creek Canyon is a slot canyon that was about a mile from the park entrance, uphill through a sandy path in 100 degree heat.  The best time to photograph slot canyons is noon since the light shines down most vertically illuminating the walls the best.  The top picture was taken with my Nikon D70 and the bottom is from the Olympus 2020Z.  Although the bottom picture looks a little sharper, the image size is jpeg only and is of a small file size so is not able to be enlarged significantly.  The top image was shot in raw and then converted to duotone.  The shutter speed is quite slow (since I didn't want to hike a tripod in as well) so not quite as sharp. 

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